Charlie knows you want to make conscious choices and sometimes it’s hard to know what’s good and what’s not. The word harmless makes it easy. Harmless is also a way to inspire the drinks industry to do good for both people and planet. Some drinks are already harmless, like tap-water. but that’s not always around and drinking liters of tap water every day can get boring. So Charlie’s created the harmless alternative. A few other drinks are already well on the way to reaching the harmless standard. You can find them on this Harmless-o-meter that Charlie’s created. Want to see it? Just drop a line to

It’s just that natural and transparent seems the better way. Why put a sweet in via any other way than real fruit? Sugar is big global problem and we think it’s nice you could have an alternative. And we all watch our kcal intake so drinking close to zero kcal is great.

Real pressed fruit is what Charlie believes to be just perfect, as this is just what it is: real pressed fruit. Fruit concentrate or juice from concentrate we heard say is “fruit with the water removed: it retains the sugar and calories, but it loses the volume, fiber and vitamin C.” Juice from concentrate than adds back water, which doesn’t sounds like real juice to us.

Yes, after studying for a long while, Charlie believes it is. But of course there are many opinions out there. If you want to read more, you could start to read what’s behind this link:

When Charlie’s started out seven years ago, it was with a healthier fruity sparkling drinks range. Healthier versus what was the standard back then. While it certainly was a lovely all-natural drinks range with less sugars it did have added sugars and came in plastic bottles next to cans. With the organics range Charlie has made the switch to cans in full, abandoning added sugars.

Cans are infinitely recyclable, without loss of quality, unlike plastics. Cans are made of aluminium and have the highest material recycling rate in the world! And because it’s already here, it’s called a permanent material, the basis of a circular economy.

You can find Charlie’s in the following retail chains in the Netherlands: Albert Heijn, Jumbo, DekaMarkt, Marqt, Gorilla’s, Flink, Getir, Ekoplaza (online only), Sligro, Bidfood, Zegro, Lekkerland, Foox, Handelsplaza Venlo, Scheerder Drankengroothandel, Groothandel Zuid-Nederland. Belgium: Bio-Planet. We’d love for Charlie’s to be available at your office, local bar, store or transportation hub. Do drop us a line to tell us where we need to be:


Charlie’s is an independent brand that is not owned by a larger company. Charlie’s is a small team of people working hard on a big mission: to make harmless drinking the standard.

The people behind Charlie’s are the determined Sander de Jonge and famous Dutch Youtuber Kalvijn! Together they want to make drinking water less boring. Read more about them here.

Charlie’s mission is to make harmless drinks the standard in hydration. Charlie wants to change the shelf, the industry, and school canteens – educating not only consumers and partners, but a new generation of teens, too, about what is harmless drinking.

Thanks for asking! Charlie’s vision is that you shouldn’t have to compromise between wanting to do good for yourself and the planet when hydrating. No plastic if you want to drink water on the go. No added sugars if you want something that’s not boring. No artificials if you want natural taste. If it sounds that easy, it shouldn’t be hard. So bring on Charlie’s!

We are sorry to say we don’t have this at the moment. If you are done reading all our web and social content and still have questions, drop them here:

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No need to worry about any bad effects of drinking sparkling water. If anything, it makes drinking lots of water less boring and can even help in a few ways, read more about it here:

Charlie’s uses local water that has been through an RO process, also called RO water. Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to remove ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water. While that also removes certain helpful minerals, of which you will still get enough by eating normally, it helps to exclude chemical contaminants, like chloride, copper, chromium, and lead. With apologies for getting a bit technical on you there.

Yes we do! But we print it in the same font size so you can actually read it. Here it is: Charlie’s taste can vary, just like every harvest can. Charlie prefers tap water drinking (you could add organic fruit to make it tastier!). Charlie strives to be the best alternative when you have to pick a drink from a shelf. That’s it.

Great partners help Charlie’s reach people and planet goals. Trees for All’s mission is to counter climate change by offsetting carbon emission through planting trees and conserving forests. Trees for All projects are VCS and CCB certified, which guarantees that all our CO2 emission will be offset. You can read more if you like on their website

Great initiatives help Charlie’s reach people and planet goals. JOGG’s mission is to create a healthy environment for our young generation. JOGG believes that healthy choices in school canteens are an important basis to create a healthy lifestyle under youngsters. By signing the
accord brand owners, suppliers and vending machine companies take the responsibility for bringing healthy alternatives at schools at an affordable price. You can read more if you like on their website:

Lemon, yes, we love lemon. When life gave us lemons, we made Charlie’s. Well actually no, it’s not because of the flavour, we love all of them, it’s just that we really like the blue pastel colour.

We are definitely thinking about that! Do you want more flavours? Tell us your what you’d fancy:

It’s amazing you taste the difference! That’s because Charlie uses only fresh fruits from organic farming. And every harvest is different, so the fruits can be a little different too. We do nothing to alter the taste, we just use ripe fruits as they come in the season. We believe that’s the honest way of getting our drink to you.